About Me

I’m a photographer based in the western suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve had a long-standing love of images, however I didn’t begin a serious practice of photography until well into adulthood. I’m still an avid student of the art form and try to soak up all I can.

I have found that photography has made my life much richer. It’s now my excuse to explore and to meet new people. I have forged lasting friendships with both fellow students of the craft as well as subjects that I’ve worked with. It’s been a remarkable tool to open up the world.

My personal interests lie in travel as well as craft – specifically the intersection of craft and art. The combination of a craftsperson’s well-practiced skill, vision and passion to produce a lasting artifact is a uniquely human trait. I see it in everything from classic crafts like woodworking and ceramics as well as culinary arts and traditional trades like masonry.

I also enjoy exploring, whether traveling abroad or finding local treasures. I’m a little restless by nature and crave new experiences and consider myself a lifelong learner.

My approach to photography is to remain an observer and to be discreet. I find joy in the work and would like that to be conveyed to the viewer. I would much rather have the subject take center stage than have the viewer distracted by clever technique on my part. I believe that there is craft in this approach as well.